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A bit about me…

I am Reeham, and helping people connect to their true selves is my passion. My eventful life journey is filled with ups and downs, pain and joy, tears and laughter, all contributed to formulating the human I am now.

I have developed an integrated approach that prioritizes the mind, body, and spirit to be able to meet your true self and connect to your roots....

Go Ahead Exhale!

Connecting with our roots is essential to align with life and to look after ourselves. I will help you learn through a bunch of genuine courses how to become the infinite version of your true self.

Through our aimed workshops, you will connect to your past, ancestors, and origins to uncover your true potential.

The sessions are deep, meaningful heartfelt talks for a better relationship with yourself, life, and others. While the retreats are designed to get you out of your comfort zone, unite with nature, and connect with your roots so you can break through.

CONNECT Institute

My experiences in life have brought depth & richness that allowed me to connect with my higher self, and for that, I would love for each and every one to truly experience that self connectedness which is why I recently founded CONNECT Institute, your inner development hub.

CONNECT Institute is a deeper level of support and learning on which our group of committed professionals will guide, support and mentor YOU.

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We love to hit the reset button, to recollect, refresh, and restart.

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